‘Stand Up and Say Something’

I go and dine out at Burger King about once a week. I do not care for the food or the hospitality. I care about their marketing and the approach they take to make an impact. I have always taken an interest to their ad campaigns and remember a certain ad where they targeted the Google Home without asking Google’s permission. 

Now, Burger King has really hit it home with their PSA announcement of bullying last October. “It’s just easier to do nothing” is the big theme about how students go about confronting being bullied. I believe that if you are bullied at a young age this can have an impact on how you develop social skills when you begin to get older. It can have an impact when you are getting ready for a job interview, or meeting your new boss for the first time, trying to build a new relationship with a co-worker, etc. We should be encouraging young students to embrace who they are and not worry about being judged because if you are always worrying about what your peers think then it will lead to a superficial relationship and that isn’t an organic.

I found it very interesting how the social experiment of treating a product like the Whopper Junior meal to the context of bullying, and even at one point a man in the video put down his glasses to see if the Whopper was to his liking, it wasn’t and wanted a refund.

Over 95% of the customers that were dissatisfied with their Whopper Jr. Meal were found being more upset than the actor student being bullied. Only 12% of the customers were actually seen standing up and saying something about their experience. So, the next time you find yourself in a situation don’t be afraid to intervene.

You don’t have to be the hero, but you can ‘stand up and say something’.

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