‘Follow the Arches’

Remember when I was talking about how companies position themselves?

Well, McDonald’s has just created a new ad campaign called ‘Follow the Arches’ that takes positioning to a new extreme. Cossette, a Canadian creative agency developed a new campaign that featured only the colors and fractions of the arches to guide traffic to the nearest McDonald’s locations near the highway. Cossette found that using the generic street signs on the highway was too inconsistent, but this creates a ‘visual twist’ to get consumers to cross the Golden Arches. The part of this new ad campaign from Cossette was that they were not thinking about their market segment just in Canada, but how it can be used globally. ‘Follow the Arches’ can be used in any country using any kind of language and consumers would recognize it. The ad will use a total of four billboards across metropolitan regions in Canada and who knows what country we might see this in.


I like this approach.

It’s a new way to use negative space with an of advertisement. Negative space is always something I struggled with in my design classes but as I see more of these ad campaigns I am starting to get a better understanding of how to get consumers to do the signature double take head turn. Next time that you look at an ad like the ‘Follow the Arches’ billboard, I want you to think about the negative space and how it is positioned.

But this isn’t the juiciest part of what McDonald’s has planned for 2018. McDonald’s has a value menu that consists of $1, $2, and $3 dollar menu items that are going to be labeled as ‘fresh off the grill’ which should put some pressure on competitors as they begin to bring back a value menu that is worth pulling off at the next exit. Chris Kempczinski, president of McDonald’s U.S. stated, ‘We don’t have to win on value but we can’t lose on value. They plan on using their marketing efforts to remain competitive within the fast-food industry and begin to focus on marketing campaigns in-house. Restaurants in the U.S. grew by 4.1 percent in the third quarter which means that it was their third straight quarter of sales growth.

There are going to be some big changes to the fast-food industry in 2018 and am excited that I will be able to have it for lunch.

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