Hey Alexa, remind me to… I mean, Hey Siri?

I have been in a healthy and happy relationship with Amazon’s Alexa for a little over two years. Even though I have asked her to be my valentine every year and her response is, “I am still working on making things with WiFi, we have a real connection.” Relationships can be tough work. But now, Siri might be taking over.

If you have not seen the new HomePod ad that is directed by Spike Jonze, you should go check it out here. It is just fantastic. If you are a fan of the Beastie Boys than you know that he directed Sabotage also. Another great thing about this ad, Anderson .Paak’s Til It’s Over can only be heard through Apple Music. This might be Apple’s attempt to gain more subscibers through the music subscription because of the heavy competition between Spotify. It’s a clever attempt to have consumers go to the next level within Apple’s ecosystem because of the speaker that works only with Siri. But we all know that Apple is known for using a prestige pricing strategy having the HomePod feature a price tag of $349.

The HomePod is able to use a number of features like a spatial awareness that can detect the surroundings around to adjust audio levels, has six microphones to increase the distance for Siri to react, and can be used as a home assistant (much like Alexa and Google Home).

The HomePod still has some work to do as far as market share goes, having only secured 3% of the market since last month. Still tracking behind the Amazon Echo (55%), Google Home (23%), and Cortana (15%). It is still early but the HomePod could begin to gain momentum with market share throughout the year. The only problem that could pose a problem with the HomePod is their attempt to streamline e-commerce with the device. With the Amazon Echo ordering products is a simple 1-2-3 process, so what will Apple come up with to compete?

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