Walmart’s New Website Design

Walmart has recently announced that the current website will be doing a major overhaul in early May 2018. The newly redesigned website will provide online shoppers with a uniquely curated shopping experience.

The keyword here is the experience. As Marc Lore, president and CEO of Walmart, explains, “creating a cleaner more modern digital experience…introducing an entirely new look and feel.” Social trends have been suggesting for years that consumers are becoming more attracted to the experience and interaction of a purchase, than the actual product itself.

For example, think about shopping malls and recall the last time you were in one. Shopping malls are starting to become a dying breed as e-commerce begins to grow. In order for them to survive, they have to start producing an experience for shoppers.

In addition, there are several more elements that are going to make Walmart’s new website more attractive to e-commerce shoppers:

Removing the Walmart from Walmart

  • Removing the Walmart type and replacing it with just the logo. This to me is a positioning move on Walmart’s behalf
Walmart's Fashion category redesign
Walmart’s Fashion category redesign

“Relatable Photography”

    • There will be featured “relatable photography” creating an aesthetically pleasing interaction with shoppers. In addition, there will be different uses of colors to add more vibrancy and depth to the platform
"Relate able Photography"
“Relate able Photography”

Local and Personalized Elements

  • Walmart plans to add more local and personalized elements to online shoppers. The algorithm will help understand customer interactions and expedite a shopping experience. Also, it will feature top-selling trending items based on the customer’s location and if the item is available for pick-up


  • Using re-targeting for quicker conversions. Re-targeting is nothing new with online retailers. Re-targeting is tools companies use to show recently viewed or purchased items to try and build a bigger (shopping) basket. uses this tool all the time to show these items, however, they have struggled with keeping their algorithm accurate. Walmart could take advantage of this if they can curate the algorithm to remain relevant and might be a threat to other online retailers


  • One of the most exciting new changes that will take place on the website is Walmart’s approach to differentiation among products. To clarify, there will be a specialty shopping experience with different product categories. For example, grocery shopping on the website will be much different from shopping for items like clothing. In fact, Lord and Taylor has partnered with Walmart to provide that unique shopping experience
Big Changes are coming

This is the first big change since 2014 to Walmart’s website, but this time it’s a rather big one. The intitial launch of the homepage launched back in February and since then they have seen online sales rise 23% which is a good start to their goal of raising e-commerce sales by 40% this year.

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