Fernando Alba-Torres Photography‘Content is King’

My name is Mitch Cornell. I had an idea, the idea to provide advice to recent or anticipated college graduates on how to present themselves to their future co-workers. I was introduced to the dynamic world of digital marketing entering my senior year at the University of Colorado.

I strive to get the best results possible to keep my followers engaged and returning to Project Professional. During my collegiate career, I have been successful with networking among my peers and hearing their feedback but most importantly their ideas.

In my free time, I am constantly updating and adding new content to the website and learning on the different tricks how to engage my audience. Developing future skills I want to learn other CMS platforms and see what I am missing out on. It’s challenging and exciting all at the same time, but also it has given me a perspective to making digital marketing a career. There is still a mountain of knowledge and strategies that I have to learn. But, Project Professional is a start.

‘Content is King’ is an expression that is always on my mind while writing my blog and analyzing various ad campaigns from some of my favorite companies, big and small. The Denver Egotist is a blog that I frequently read, which features an enormous amount of posts to find the latest ad campaigns. In addition, I am always crawling the web looking for other unique content throughout the world wide web.

Currently, I have been studying SEO tools and strategies while working at my internship for the Juris Digital team.

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