Powerlunch is a great opportunity to have one-on-one time with students because we are able to discover some amazing talent and teach them the long-term benefits of developing strong reading habits.

Every week I volunteer for Bruton’s Books with fellow classmates from the Sports and Entertainment Business Club. Powerlunch readers partner up with students for 45-minutes and encourage positive reading habits to help develop literacy skills that go beyond the classroom. One of the biggest takeaways that each volunteer gains each week is witnessing their young student progress by reading popular books above their grade. Self-expression is another benefit that we are able to gain because the students become so enthusiastic and excited throughout each story.

By encouraging students to read, Powerlunch volunteers are able to set goals for the students and witness growth each week. The organization’s key mission is to encourage positive reading habits with student’s and “to help low-income children in grades K-3 become strong readers through tutoring and by providing books to underfunded schools, libraries, and classrooms.”

I am a major advocate of education and challenging yourself. I plan to keep volunteering for the Bruton’s Books organization even after I graduate and also find additional opportunities to help students develop their education and critical thinking skills. Denver Public Schools has allowed many of the volunteers to develop a strong relationship between students.